Harm Reduction in Australia

September 25, 2016

We present three videos about what the world can learn from harm reduction in Australia. 

When we visited Australia to attend the International AIDS Conference last year, we created a lot of footage we couldn't edit immediately because of other work. This summer, we had some time to work on this footage, and produced three videos highlighting different aspects of harm reduction in Australia.  

The first video features Access Health, an integrated care centre run by the Salvation Army in Melbourne. It provides a wide range of services for marginalised drug users and sex workers, ranging from sterile injecting equipment to training, shelter, and social care. 

The second film is based on an interview with Vanda Hamilton, a lawyer at the St. Kilda Legal Service, an organisation which assists people who use drugs to exercise their rights and fight discrimination. 

The third video is a short interview with Dr. Alex Wodak, a pioneer and leading expert on harm reduction, who explained to us what the world can learn from the Australian example of harm reduction policies.  

Please watch these videos and share them widely! 

Takacs Istvan Gabor and Peter Sarosi