The Not-So-Balanced Approach - Policy Responses to New Psychoactive Substances

January 24, 2014

Our new report (PDF) aims to assess the various policy responses to new psychoactive substances (so called "legal highs") in five European countries - Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Serbia - , from the perspective of researchers, service providers, law enforcement officials and activists working with the most affected communities of people who use drugs. 


You can download the publication by clicking here.


We organized a public hearing at the European Parliament on our study on new psychoactive substances in June where we have presented this report - please watch the videos produced at the hearing! 

Opening remarks of Carel Edwards, the former head of the Drug Unit of the European Commission 

Presentation of our report

A presentation of Joana Marquez (APDES) about the situation in Portugal 

Posted by Peter Sarosi
Videos: István Gábor Takács, Péter Sárosi