Foetus On Meth

May 5, 2017

Drugreporter's Czech partner SANANIM presents: “Public debate – Foetus on meth”. A debate about the consequences of drug use during pregnancy on both the mother and her newborn.

A debate about the pregnancy of a drug-addicted mother and the consequences that her dependence has on both the mother and her newborn. We talked about different medical, psychological, psychiatric, social, and social-legal aspects. This topic was addressed in this public debate by leading experts from various disciplines from a wide range of perspectives. The debate was moderated by Petr Třešňák, the editor-in-chief of Respect magazine.

The theme of the use of pervitin (meth – the most commonly used drug in the Czech Republic) attracted a lot of people. The audience was largely composed of both university students and the professional public, especially from addictology and social services, but foster parents and adoptive parents were also represented. It has been confirmed that this topic was interesting for the people, but also that many lack objective information (on the impact on the children, about the pregnancy of dependent women, etc.). And once again we have shown how we tend to forget about the risks of alcohol abuse, even in the case of pregnancy and maternity.

The debate took place at the Faculty of Education of Charles University 8. 3. 2017.
The debaters were:
PaedDr. Martina Richterová Těmínová (director, SANANIM) 
PhDr. Ilona Preslová (Centre for Complex Child and Family Care, SANANIM) 
MUDr. Jiří Zach (senior consultant, Thomayer Hospital) 
MUDr. Jakub Minařík (psychiatrist, Clinic of Addictology of the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University) 
Blanka Ondřejová, DiS. (social worker, Child Welfare Department – part of Department of Social Affairs of the Municipality Prague 16)

"For each child it is most important to be with her mother. Three quarters of pregnant women or mothers who are in or out-patients of addictology services will recover and continue to live normal lives. The success increases significantly if the mother can be treated with her child,” says PaedDr. Martina Těmínová Richterová, director of SANANIM.

"My main interest is to protect the foetus and a newborn. After all, he is a drug addict against his will,” explains head physician Jiří Zach, Head of Ambulance for Thoroughbred Newborn Thomayer Hospital, defending the interests of the babies.

"In our society almost everybody drinks or uses something, so why not the future mothers ..." states MUDr. Jakub Minařík, psychiatrist of the Clinic of Addictology U Apolináře.

"What are the possibilities of a child born to a mother that uses drugs?" asks Blanka Ondřejová, DiS. from Child Welfare Department – part of Department of Social Affairs of the Municipality Prague 16. She adds: "Yes, she used addictive substances during her pregnancy, but she wants to be a full mother after the birth. She should get the chance!"

“A mother that uses drugs can be a good mother if she sees her problem with and gets support and help from the community" says PhDr. Ilona Preslová, expert guarantor of SANANIM and Head of the Centre for Complex Child Care and Family SANANIM.

Author of the document is David Pešek (working in SANANIM and associate from Czech Republic of DrugReporter).

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David Pešek, SANANIM