Forced To Be Healthy

April 27, 2017

Watch this film produced by Drug Users News at Drugreporter about Russian rehabilitation centres, where people are held for their own money, while violating their rights, and using inhumane methods.

Since the late 60’s the main methods of treatment for drug dependence in the USSR were treatment and labour dispensaries, known as ‘Lechebno-trudovaya profilaktoriya (LTP),’ or Treatment-Labour Prophylactory. LTPs were medical and correctional institutions intended for those who, in the opinion of the state, needed treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism. There, in conditions of limited freedom, the citizens of the Soviet Union were "treated" with labour. It was only possible to end up in an LTP through a court’s decision, but staying there was not considered a prison term. It was intended only to temporarily isolate alcoholics and drug addicts without sending them to correctional facilities.

The modern approach in Russia differs little from the Soviet one. Treatment of drug addiction, as before, remains a problem for the patient's relatives. However, unlike in the Soviet era, in today's Russia, the state barely participates in the rehabilitation and treatment of drug addiction. There are many people who benefit from this situation: a large number of private rehabilitation centers have been set up, in which people are held for their own money, while violating their rights, committing crimes against the person and using inhumane methods.

In this film is presented evidence of inhumane treatment of patients in similar centers, torture, and even death. The psychiatrist and narcologist, professor Vladimir Mendelevich, MD, PhD, Doc.Med.Sci, tells us about the phenomenon of "motivational" rehabilitation centers in Russia.

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