UN Drug policy

2016. november 14.

EU Civil Society Forum on Drugs Calls For More Inclusion

The Civil Society Forum on Drugs (CSF), an expert group of the European Commission with more than forty members representing leading European NGOs, held its annual plenary meeting in Brussels last week. The Forum has become an important voice, but it needs more inclusion and funding from EU institutions. 

2016. szeptember 5.

"Italy Has Reached a Point of No Return on Cannabis Legalisation"

Marco Perduca is a leading cannabis reform advocate in Italy and he was one of the first civil society representative who spoke up against the drug conventions at the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs. We interviewed him about the prospects of cannabis law reform in Italy. 

2016. augusztus 5.

How to Make Good Drug Policy Instead of Killing Your People? 

Recommendations to the President of the Philippines about how to address drug problems in a meaningful way - or a recipe to improve drug policy.  

2016. augusztus 2.

Stop the Killings in the Philippines!

President Duterte has given law enforcement agents licence, with impunity, to kill hundreds of drug suspects in the Philippines. This clearly breaches human rights conventions, as well as the drug control principles adopted by member states at the UNGASS on drugs in April. The international community must stand up and give teeth to its own laws and conventions! 

2016. június 30.

Bulgarian Drug Policy in 2016 Through the UNGASS Perspective

The outcome document of UNGASS 2016 was probably a disappointment for the most progressive parts of the world, but for countries like Bulgaria, it contains some inspiring commitments. Read this article on Bulgarian drug policy news!

2016. június 23.

Harm Reduction in Vienna

The reporters of our Russian language video blog, DUnews, visited Vienna in March to find out what Eastern-European and Central-Asian countries can learn from its advanced urban harm reduction system. Read their report and watch their video! 

2016. június 9.

Civil Society Must Fight Global Crackdown

The exclusion of non-governmental representatives from the UN High-Level Meeting on AIDS is not an isolated incident, but part of a global crackdown on civil society. To fight back, we need to understand the crucial role of NGOs in policy development.  

2016. május 10.

Polish Civil Society Reflects on UN Drug Summit

Why can you get a death sentence in Singapore for a joint, while in Colorado you can buy it at the shop? Read the report of our Polish guest authors about a discussion on UN drug policies in Warsaw! 

2016. április 22.

The UNGASS on Drugs: Reform Aborted

After a long gestation, the UN drug reform experiment suffered a miscarriage. It seems the UN is not the catalyst of change but its mirror. Reformers can learn many lessons - but can also be proud of their achievements. 

2016. április 20.

The UN Summit on Drugs Ended Before It Began

The UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS) adopted the outcome document without a debate, right before the real discussion could have started. 

2016. április 19.

Drug Policy is Race Policy

Hundreds of drug reformers gathered at the "Drug Policy and the Politics of Race" event, organised at Columbia University on Sunday, to discuss how repressive drug policies affect the lives of communities of colour. Watch our videos! 

2016. április 12.

This Is How Young Artists See the War on Drugs: The Winners of Our Poster Contest

We are glad to present the five best posters submitted to our poster contest targeting the UNGASS on drugs this year!

2016. március 31.

Governments Disagree Over Global Drug Control - Video Report from the Commission on Narcotics Drugs 2016

Drugreporter’s video advocacy team filmed key speeches and interviewed some of the participants at the UN's drug meeting in Vienna - please watch and share our movie! 

2016. március 14.

Growing Disagreement at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs

While Colombia and the Czech Republic spoke up for drug policy reform at the opening day of the CND, others such as Russia or Thailand prefer the status quo and oppose any changes. 

2016. március 12.

UNGASS and the Drug-Free World: Dream On!

The UNGASS draft document still does not reflect the realities of the war on drugs, but continues to dream about a drug-free society, just like 20 years ago.
2016. március 3.

INPUD Consensus Statement

Watch Drugreporter’s new video, marking the launch of the Consensus Statement from the International Network of People Who Use Drugs. 

2016. február 17.

Norway Promotes Forced Drug Treatment Under a False Flag

Norway claims to have a progressive drug policy - but does it really? Our guest author from NORML Norway thinks otherwise. 

2016. február 17.

Let's Get Real About Drugs! - Poster Contest

Drugreporter is now accepting entries to a poster contest about the alternatives of punitive drug policies.

2016. február 12.

Banning Opiate Substitution Treatment is a Form of Torture

Drug users demand governments to lift the ban on opiate substitution treatment and remove criminal sanctions of drug use - a speech delivered by Daria Mogucheva on behalf of the Eurasian Network of People Who Use Drugs at the civil society hearing in preparation of the UNGASS on drugs, to be held in April. 

2016. február 12.

The World Has Failed People Who Use Drugs

A speech delivered by Olga Szubert on behalf of the Harm Reduction International at the ongoing civil society hearing at the UN Headquarters in New York. The hearing aims to update member states in preparations for the UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs, to be held in April.