Andrey Rylkov Foundation

The Andrey Rylkov Foundation is the only organization providing needle and syringe program for drug users in Moscow. Their mission is to promote and develop humane drug policy based on tolerance, protection of health, dignity and human rights. Please help the Andrey Rylkov Foundation to give hope! Learn! Support! Donate!


July 6, 2016

Russian Harm Reduction Workers Under Attack

The Andrey Rylkov Foundation, the only harm reduction NGO working in Moscow, has been declared a foreign agent by the Russian government. 

April 16, 2012

Unspeakable Harm Reduction

Our movie features Mr. Yuri Fedotov, the head of the UN Agency on Drug and Crime (UNODC), making an ambiguous statement on harm reduction at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) this year

April 12, 2012

Russian Young People Need Your Help!

The best three projects get bonus grants from Global Giving, Andrey Rylkov's project ranks on the 6th place now - your donation can make a difference by April! 

April 5, 2012

Подарите надежду потребителям наркотиков в Москве

Смотрите наш документальный фильм о Фонде имени Андрея Рылькова и поддержите борьбу Фонда за выживание!

March 15, 2012

The Disproved Accusations of the Russian Drug Czar

In our video we show how we asked the Russian drug czar to explain why he banned the website of a Russian NGO, the Andrey Rylkov Foundation - send an email and urge him to lift the ban! 

September 22, 2010

Our open letter to Mr. Fedotov

Civil society organizations hope that the promising words of the new UNODC director will be put into action soon
July 23, 2010

Anya Sarang on HIV, Drug Policy and Harm Reduction

Anya Sarang criticizes Russia's drug policy at the International AIDS Conference