Protest Against the Global Drug War - 11.03.2009

March 14, 2009

Watch the video filmed at our demonstration & press conference in Vienna

Our video was filmed at the Stop the Global War on Drugs demonstration and press conference organized by HCLU in cooperation with INPUD, ENCOD, Youth RISE and SSDP:

The European Commission published its evaluation study on the global state of illicit drug markets on March 10. Researchers found no evidence that current international drug control measures could reduce the scale of the market - but found a lot of evidence on the unintended harms of the global drug war.

"The study has found no evidence that the global drug problem was reduced during the UNGASS period from 1998 to 2007. For some nations the problem declined but for others it worsened and for some of those it worsened sharply and substantially."
Source: A report on Global Illicit Drugs Markets 1998-2007
Editors: Peter Reuter (RAND) and Franz Trautmann (Trimbos Institute)
European Commission, March 2009


Two days later, the UN high level meeting adopted a Political Declaration that completely ignores this evidence and sticks by failed policies:

36. Decide to establish 2019 as a target date for States to eliminate or reduce
significantly and measurably:
 (a) The illicit cultivation of opium poppy, coca bush and cannabis plant;
 (b) The illicit demand for narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances; and
drug-related health and social risks;
 (c) The illicit production, manufacture, marketing and distribution of, and
trafficking in, psychotropic substances, including synthetic drugs;
 (d) The diversion of and illicit trafficking in precursors;
 (e) Money-laundering related to illicit drugs;

So the race for a drug-free world is going on, the deadline is extended to 2019. No comment...

Posted by Peter Sarosi