A Global Conference on Ibogaine

September 6, 2016

This movie is featuring the Global Ibogaine Conference that was held in Mexico in March, filmed by a member of Drugreporter's new global video network and an alumni of our video advocacy training, Brun Balanced and his peers, Karina Muscarina and Gabriel Amezcua.

The Global Ibogaine Conference has emerged as one of the most important events in the world for discussing ibogaine therapy, the overall climate of drug policy, its relationship with plant-based medicines - as well as the sustainability and traditional use of this African plant with psychedelic and medicinal properties, tabernanthe iboga, which has shown amazing beneficial effects, as yet unknown in other plants or substances.

Organised by the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance (GITA), this year's conference was held in the magical colonial village of Tepoztlan, Mexico, between March 14-16th, and brought together more than 500 people from around the world. This mini-documentary allows us to appreciate the reasons why this conference marks a historic moment in the research of tabernanthe iboga. Never before has an ibogaine conference attracted so many people, and generated such a multidisciplinary and diverse atmosphere in terms of the profiles of speakers and contributors.

Through the words of key figures from the world of ibogaine, such as Dana Beal, Dennis McKenna, Norma Lotsof, Jonathan Dickinson, Jeffrey Kamlet, and Dimitri Mugianis, among others, this documentary manages to convey the complexity of the issues addressed and the extensive expertise of the participants. There can be no doubt that ibogaine is one of the most interesting and important substances of the century, and this documentary supplies an introduction to the reasons why it is necessary to open the debate and generate a greater social and political interest in this plant.

The importance of psychedelic medicine is becoming increasingly evident in modern times, and this kind of international conference is essential, in order to open up discussion and generate interest in a topic which, properly addressed, has the potential to transform humanity, our societies, and ourselves as individuals.

Article and movie by Karina Muscarina, Gabriel Amezcua and Brun Balanced, Mexico