Otto Placht: The Collective Unconsciousness Of Art And Drugs

February 24, 2017

Watch the video report of the art exhibition.

Inner images of the soul and outer beauty of the world. Analogies of the internal and the external. Drugs, psychedelics, altered states of consciousness, imagination, meditation. Demons and angels. Amazon Rainforest in the reflection of the urban jungle. The endless diversity of the soul and the world. Addiction, illness of the spirit, and the confusion of the modern world. The importance of spirituality in the treatment of addiction. Spirituality as part of the recovery process. 

These are the analogies between the art of Otto Placht and the non-profit organisation SANANIM, seeking to heal people addicted to drugs.
This is documentary of the opening of the exhibition on 27/10/2016. The opening included a screening of the film and a chat with Otto Placht, Associate Professor Kamil Kalina and other colleagues from SANANIM. The exhibition was held from 27/10/2016 until the end of January 2017 at the premises of social firm restaurant Café Therapy. The exhibition was organised by SANANIM z.ú. and connected art and the main theme of their work - addiction. The big link is the topic of spirituality.

David Pešek, SANANIM