UN high level meeting - press coverage

March 27, 2009

The list of journalists who received a scholarship from HCLU to travel to Vienna and report the High Level UN Meeting on drugs

HCLU provided support to 17 journalists from 9 European countries to come to Vienna and report the High Level Segment of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs - the meeting where government representatives reviewed the last 10 years of the international drug control system. Altough the official result of the meeting was dissapointing for us - governments adopted a political declaration that does not even mention harm reduction - the media presence and coverage was significantly better than ever before. The public pays very little  attention to the UN drug control conferences in most European countries and few people are aware of the impact of the UN drug conventions on national level drug policies. After all, the UN consists of national governments so national level advocacy has crucial importance to reform the international drug control system.

Our journalists were very active at the press conferences and satelite events, they posed several inconveniant but relevant questions to UN officials and government delegates. We believe that this cooperation between media and civil society contributed to make this event more transparent and accountable.

This is a list of the participating journalists and their reports:

1. Rosen Bosev – Bulgaria – Capital Weekly

Date of publishing: March 13, 2009

Article: "From global war to global failure" Full text available here! (only in Bulgarian)

2. Michal Olszewski – Poland - Tygodnik Powszechny

Date of publishing: March 19, 2009

Article: "Maki rosna gdzie indziej"- Full text only in Polish

3. Mrázek Ondrej – Czech Republic - MF PLUS

Date of publishing: March 20, 2009

Article: “OSN: Drogové mafie vládnou světu” – Full text only in Czech!

4. Maciej Jarkowiec – Poland – Prze Krój 

Date of publishing: March 19, 2009

Article: only printed version, available in PDF!

5. Ruud Mikkers – Holland – De Telegraf

Date of publishing: March 13, 2009.

Article: PDF is available

6. Tamás Vajna – Hungary – HVG

Date of publishing: March 18 issue of the HVG.

“Csúcsfejek Bécsben” – Full text only in Hungarian.

7. Derrick Bergman – Holland – Essensie

Article to be published in the April issue of the magazine.

8. Gazdik Roman – Czech Republic – aktualne.cz

Five articles have been published in Czech language:

USA si v drogové politice rozumí s Ruskem, ne s Evropou
Svět má pro boj s drogami nový plán. Zlepšení nečekejte
Langer: Zakazovat Bolivijcům koku je jako nám slivovici
Langer: Ideologie do protidrogové strategie nepatří
Rozhovor: Prohibice zklamala, musíme drogy legalizovat

One article in English:
Langer: Coca ban in Bolivia equals slivovitz ban in ČR

9. Jakub Prokornik – Czech Republic – Mlada Fronta DNES

Date of publication: March 11, 2009

Koku si žvýkejte v Bolívii, brzdil Langer prezidenta Moralese

10. Signe Rugholt Carlsen – Denmark - Dagbladet Information

Date of publication: 13 March, 2009

Article: FN's kamp mod narko er slået fejl 

11. Job de Haan – Holland – IKON radio

Date of broadcasting: 15 March 2009

Radio show:“The lost war on drugs”

12. Ole Martin Larsen – Norway – Rus & Samfunn

Date of publication: 27 March, 2009

Article: Krigen fortsetter: En rapport fra FN toppmøtet i Wien

13. Thomas Green – UK - The Independent

War on drugs 'has enriched cartels'
This is a coca leaf, not cocaine, insists Morales
UN summit torn over pursuit of 'war on drugs'

14. Barbara Klaman – Poland – Radio Eska

Date of broadcasting: 25 March, 2009

Audio: MP3 is available

15. Elwira Wiechecka – Poland – Radio Vox

 Date of broadcasting: 23 March, 2009

Radio show: MP3 is available

16. Olivier Bonnin – France - Le journal du sida

Article can be downloaded here!

17. Vaclav Vasku – Czech Republic - Hospodarske noviny

Na jednání o drogách Morales žvýkal koku
Bolivijský prezident žvýkal na summitu koku, Langer ho umravnil