A Day in the Life:
The World of Humans Who Use Drugs

"The film gives us an astonishingly intimate look at the lives, tribulations and inspiring resilience of drug using human beings." Gabor Maté M.D.


About the documentary film

The film takes us through one day in the life of eight people, from seven cities, in seven different countries of the world, from morning until night. They all have something in common - all of them use drugs. But these people are not defined by their drug use. All of them have their unique personalities, stories, and social networks. And the environment in which they live, the attitudes they face, the laws that regulate drug use, and the health services available to them have an enormous impact on their lives. This film is not only about drug users - it was also produced by drug users. It strives to challenge our common myths and preconceptions about drugs and the people who use them. It gives a voice to those representing one of the most marginalised communities of our world, to tell stories untold about hate, love, suffering, and happiness. It shows how they engage in social activism to break the silence and fight the stigma that shadows their days. The film won the golden medal for best documentary at the Online Video Award of Kreatív Magazine in 2017 in Hungary.

The trailer

The full film with English subtitles


“From the Crimea to Budapest, from New York and Mexico City to Indonesia and Nigera, this poignant film gives us an astonishingly intimate look at the lives, tribulations and inspiring resilience of drug using human beings. The message is one of compassion, the vision is that effective responses to the international drug crisis are within our grasp.”

Gabor Maté M.D.
Author, In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction

"The prejudice and stigma faced every day and every where in the world by people who use drugs, will not decrease unless together with them, we can fight misconceptions and change the negative perception they suffer from society. It is what this powerful movie is aiming to do."

Michel Kazatchkine
UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy on HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The Authors

The documentary was filmed by people who use drugs and human rights activists. They are members of the Video for Drug Policy Reform Network, by the Rights Reporter Foundation. The movie was produced by the Rights Reporter Foundation.


BERLIN: Claudia Schieren

BUDAPEST: Éva and Oszkár

JAKARTA: Edo Agustian

LAGOS: Diana Joseph

MEXICO CITY: Brun González

NEW YORK: Jimmy Ruiz

SIMFEROPOL: Alexey Kurmanaevskii


BERLIN: Alexandra Gurinova, Ágnes Pákozdi, Dirk Schäffer

BUDAPEST: István Gábor Takács

JAKARTA: Fazrie Permana, Indonesian Drug Users Network

LAGOS: Kolawole Oreoluwa, Akeem Lukman, Muritala Raheemat Module

MEXICO CITY: Karina Muscarina

NEW YORK: Taeko Frost, Matt Curtis – VOCAL New York

SIMFEROPOL: Igor Kuzmenko – DUNews

OTHER credits

MUSIC: Róka Alapú Társadalom

SOUND ENGINEERING: Péter Wagner-Puskás


PRODUCER Péter Sárosi, director of the Rights Reporter Foundation

DIRECTED and EDITED by István Gábor Takács, video manager of the Rights Reporter Foundation