Needle and Syringe Programs Save Lives and Money: Infograph

February 4, 2014

There are an estimated 16 million injecting drug users (IDUs) in the world - three million of them living with HIV/AIDS. Providing IDUs with clean needle and syringe saves lives. Help us to spread this message by sharing our infograph!

There are many myths surrounding Needle and Syringe programs (NSPs). Help us to debunk these myths!

Support Drugreporter’s Needle Exchange awareness campaign by sharing and reposting our brand new info graph - the first part of our new series.

Our infograph is based on EMCDDA data: 

European Drug Report 2013: Trends and developments EMCDDA, Lisbon, May 2013 

Harm reduction: evidence, impacts and challenges, EMCDDA, Lisbon, April 2010.