Life saving pioneer work in Bulgaria

November 2, 2012

Watch the second EDPI film from Bulgaria about the pioneering harm reduction work done by our partner, Initiative for Health Foundation 

The second video advocacy film from Bulgaria is dedicated to an NGO struggling with the elements amongst deteriorating legal environment. As you may have seen in our first Bulgarian documentary, the Sofia government envisaged to lead out of its justice system the option of a financial penalty instead of imprisonment for those caught with a small amount of illegal drugs. Even so Initiative for Health Foundation keeps up the good work despite its international donors withdraw their sources from the Balkan country.

In the second video advocacy film we show you how one of European Drug Policy Initiatives (EDPI) key partners, Initiative for Health Foundation, the first NGO in Bulgaria to have introduced harm reduction services, fights for the health and survival of people who use drugs in Sofia. Despite financial shortage, and needlessly restrictive legal environment, Initiative for Health Foundation reaches out to thousands of people vulnerable people suffering from discrimination and social exclusion. Their outreach workers are often the last remaining connection between them and the society.

The European Drug Policy Initiative (EDPI) is a project of the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) in cooperation with professionals and NGOs from six other EU countries. We help NGOs to promote evidence-informed services and interventions in the field of drug policy by providing tools (videos, research etc.) for advocacy.

Please be aware also that the Bulgarian government has drafted an amendment to the Criminal Code that would result in increasing sanctions against people who use drugs.Please sign the petition against the planned new legislation!